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GOYA yoga kids-lijn

Introducing Kids Yoga Collection by Kabir.Kabir Samlal was born in the Netherlands on October 20, 2000. Kabir got his first yoga class from an Indian yoga master at age of five. He has been fortunate to have trained with highly respected teachers from all over the world and practice on a regularly basis. Kabir developed a flow style class for kids and is also teaching yoga. Therefore Kabir knows what he is looking for to wear while teaching ....

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GOYA webshop live

We worked really hard to get the webshop live! Finally here it is.Thank you all for working really hard to get the job done. So proud at the amazing people behind it.....

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GOYA @ Bikram’s 100 days challenge

Bikram's 100 days challengeOne of the most fanatic yoga addicts is Lina. She just loves yoga and takes classes on a regular basis. She decided to go for the Bikram yoga challenge, practicing 100 consecutive days of Bikram yoga. During these 100 day’s she was wearing GOYA Activewear. Yesterday on her final day she was wearing GOYA’s Iris top and GOYA’s Venus short.I asked her if she was happy that it was the final day? ’It d....

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GOYA spotted in the hot room

Today GOYA visited Amsterdam - PrinsengrachtPart of our philosophy is our strong relationship with yoga professionals all over Europe. Recently we have visited our home town Amsterdam, which locates great yoga schools. Yoga school de Korte Prinsengracht was the second bikram yoga school in Amsterdam. During class we met Dolly, one of the most fanatic and most professional yogini's, looking stunning in her GOYA's Rose top and GOYA's Ve....

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GOYA goes to Turkey

Visiting TurkeyThis week Goya visited Turkey. Turkey is a growing market with lots of potential and great culture. We went to Istanbul and Izmir for visiting production locations and to meet potential clients. Of course we also stopped at 40 Derece Bikram Yoga in Istanbul were we met people who became enthusiastic about our quality and styles. I would like to introduce you to Elena, she is from Spain and teaches at 40 Derece Bikram Yoga....

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Pregnancy shoot behind the scenes

Pregnancy shootWe worked really hard to get our pregnancy photos ready for the webshop. Really proud of the result! Iris tops and venus shorts in our pink super stretchy material work really well when you are pregnant. The styles are seamless and the material is super soft. Before launching we asked several pregnant teachers and students to try them out in the hot room. The feedback was overwhelming and therefore we can really recommend thes....

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenesAfter months of hard work finally the moment was there…Last weekend we took pictures of the first Goya Activewear collection for our web shop. Photographer Lisa Scheers welcomed us in her studio in Amsterdam with some good home roasted coffee. First we took the product photos. After a healthy lunch we moved to Rembrandt Park for some stretchy yoga and of course more pictures of our colourful collection. The....

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