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GOYA goes to Turkey

Visiting Turkey

This week Goya visited Turkey. Turkey is a growing market with lots of potential and great culture. We went to Istanbul and Izmir for visiting production locations and to meet potential clients. 

Of course we also stopped at 40 Derece Bikram Yoga in Istanbul were we met people who became enthusiastic about our quality and styles. 

I would like to introduce you to Elena, she is from Spain and teaches at 40 Derece Bikram Yoga in Istanbul. Elena could not chose, she loved all Goya styles and decided to go for two new Goya outfits. GOYA's - Sophia top and Saturn short and GOYA's Iris tank top and Venus short.

She looks great in her new outfit!  

On the first day she brought her new outfit - which was yesterday -  Elena was wearing GOYA's Venus short in black with black and white stripes waist during class. Today she was teaching in Iris tank top and told us:' today I wore the pink top for teaching and it was great! 

- Nameste- 

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