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GOYA yoga kids-lijn

Introducing Kids Yoga Collection by Kabir.
Kabir Samlal was born in the Netherlands on October 20, 2000. Kabir got his first yoga class from an Indian yoga master at age of five. He has been fortunate to have trained with highly respected teachers from all over the world and practice on a regularly basis. Kabir developed a flow style class for kids and is also teaching yoga. Therefore Kabir knows what he is looking for to wear while teaching and practicing yoga. 

Kabir: 'I always had trouble finding nice fitting yoga clothing when I was younger. This thought led to the partnership with House of Goya. I know the owner Susan Kok from the hot room and she understood immediately whet I meant. Our very first apparel are these t-shirts with my logo. It is for boys and girls aged 6-14 years old, made of 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade. Other items coming up soon, available at and studio's in Houston, USA.

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